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Why Is There a Gender Pay Gap?

According to a U.S. Department of Labor report, the average American woman who works full-time makes just 84% as much money as the average man in the same position. The report was released on March 12, 2024, to commemorate “Equal Pay Day,” which was established in 1996 to highlight the U.S. gender pay gap. So, why is there a gender pay gap, and maybe more importantly, why does it still affect men and women in the U.S. even though so much attention has been brought to it over the last few decades? Find the answers to these questions below. Consider hiring Kansas City’s leading employment lawyer if you believe your employer is failing to follow the guidelines listed in the Equal Pay Act.

Why Is There a Gender Pay Gap in the U.S.?

Trying to answer the question, “Why is there a gender pay gap in the U.S.?” is complicated. Many factors have led to the wage gaps that have opened up between men and women. One factor that has led to a gender wage gap forming is the amount of part-time work that women take on. The National Women’s Law Center reports that women are about 1.6 times more likely to have part-time jobs than men. It has resulted in women working 4.4 fewer hours than men each year on average. Occupational segregation also accounts for the gender pay gap. The National Partnership For Women & Families reports women hold about 60% of the positions in the 20 lowest-paying jobs in the U.S. But discrimination is likely the biggest factor of all when it comes to the country’s gender wage gap. As the Center for American Progress points out, some believe discrimination against women accounts for almost 40% of the wage gap. Certain employers pay less money to women simply because of their gender without giving a second thought to their level of education or experience.

What Can You Do To Combat the Gender Pay Gap in the U.S.?

Have you learned that a man within your company is receiving more money than you each year while doing what amounts to the same job? There are workplace laws in Kansas and Missouri to protect you from issues like wage discrimination. The Equal Pay Act also exists to ensure you don’t earn less than someone doing the same job as you, regardless of your gender, race, or other factors. If you feel as though your employer has violated this act, you have the right to file an Equal Pay Act claim against them with help from a trusted employment attorney.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though women will stop wondering, “Why is there a gender pay gap?” anytime soon. The Pew Research Center recently discovered this pay gap hasn’t changed in 20 years. Dugan Schlozman LLC can provide you with an equal pay lawyer in Kansas to help. Reach out to us at 913-374-6351 or fill out our online form for assistance.

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