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What To Do If You Experience Racial Discrimination in the Hiring Process in Kansas City

Various anti-discrimination laws are supposed to shield prospective employees from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and other protected characteristics. However, many candidates still encounter negative bias because of their ethnicity or skin color, even if employers won’t admit it. Contact Kansas City’s racial discrimination lawyer if you believe you suffered discrimination in the hiring process. Proving racism in the workplace can be hard, and you’ll need a skilled employment attorney to advocate for your rights.

Spotting Racial Discrimination During Recruitment

Today, racial discrimination in the workplace is usually well hidden. When applying to a job posting, you’ll never hear that the position is closed to people from certain ethnic groups. Nevertheless, there are still clues that can make you suspect an employer passed on hiring you because of racial bias. Racism is a pervasive, toxic cultural attribute that stems from issues like prejudice, fear, and deeply ingrained stereotypes. When approaching the hiring process as a member of a racial minority, you may notice the following:
  • Subtle jokes or inappropriate questions about your race, ethnicity, or accent
  • HR team members assumed you were foreign-born
  • Voiced stereotypes (like “people of your group are supposed to be good at…”)
  • A change in the employer’s attitude toward you upon meeting you in person or on a video call, compared to previous communication when your race wasn’t evident
Of course, the number one sign of racial discrimination in the hiring process is being disqualified for a position despite having all the right credentials.

Proving an Employer Didn’t Hire You Because of Your Race

An employer will never admit they refused to hire you because of your ethnicity. They’ll say their considerations were strictly professional, and it’s on you to prove otherwise. For example, it can be helpful to show that the person who ultimately filled the position has qualifications on par with or inferior to yours. If the company’s former employees are ready to testify that they experienced racial bias in the organization, this could also work in your favor. Save all emails, texts, and other records of your communication with the company’s management and HR. Make detailed notes about any remarks or questions that, in your opinion, point to racism.

A Racial Discrimination Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Rights

Workplace racial discrimination cases are often extremely complex. Fighting for justice is easier when you work with a skilled workplace discrimination attorney. A lawyer who has handled similar cases can guide you in filing a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). If, after investigating your claim, the EEOC grants you a right to sue, your attorney can represent you in court and help you seek compensation.

Call Dugan Schlozman If You Believe You Suffered Racism During Recruitment

Racism in the workplace is an illegal, unfair, but still common phenomenon. If you think you encountered racial discrimination in the hiring process, contact us at Dugan Schlozman. Our well-trained legal team can help you identify racism, prove discrimination, and fight for your rights.  Call 913-374-6351 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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