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The Importance of Racial Sensitivity Training in a Kansas City Workplace

Here in Kansas City, we are lucky to live in a diverse city populated with people of many different experiences, talents, and skills. Diversity is good for employees and employers, and racial sensitivity training is a great way to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Kansas City’s competent discrimination lawyer at Dugan Schlozman recommends workplace sensitivity training as a strategy to foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment. 

Why Does Racial Sensitivity Training Matter?

Treating others the way you want to be treated is the Golden Rule for a reason. However, many factors influence workplace dynamics, and people’s actions toward their coworkers may be influenced by implicit biases and unconscious stereotypes. Racial sensitivity training can help maintain a more respectful and equitable workplace for employees. There are many benefits to incorporating racial sensitivity training, including opening up conversations among employees and helping everyone in a workplace identify and overcome unconscious biases.

Introduce Dialogue

Offering racial sensitivity training begins explicit dialogue about race, racism, and discrimination in the workplace. Beginning that conversation can allow employees to talk more openly about their experiences.  Sometimes, employees don’t have the language to put their experiences and concerns into words. By discussing race in training programs, an employer opens the door for their employees to be more comfortable voicing their concerns early — before they become bigger issues. This can improve long-term satisfaction and retention for employees.

Identify Unconscious Bias

Many people have unconscious biases toward certain racial groups. While not intentional, these biases can impact who your employees think of as experts and worthy of rewards like promotions. Racial sensitivity training can increase employees’ awareness about these unconscious biases and, hopefully, give everyone tools to identify and correct their biases so that all team members are treated with dignity and respect.

Clearly Outline Inappropriate Behavior

Racial sensitivity training specifically identifies inappropriate actions and words. A training course can include examples of words and phrases that are harmful and unacceptable in a workplace. These clear definitions leave no room for people to claim ignorance. This can help employees feel secure that their well-being matters and is protected by their employer.

Improve Morale

All these benefits of racial sensitivity training make it clear to employees that their employers care about workplace diversity, value their employees, and will not stand for discrimination. When employees feel protected by their workplace, they can work more efficiently and securely. A workforce that feels valued and protected will have better morale than a workplace where employees are constantly spending energy dealing with workplace discrimination. 

Contact Attorneys Experienced in Workplace Discrimination Cases

Racial sensitivity training can decrease workplace harassment and signs of racism. Unfortunately, racial discrimination can still happen. If you are an employee who has experienced workplace discrimination or harassment, the team at Dugan Schlozman can help support you as you pursue legal action. Reach out today to our experienced attorneys. You can schedule a consultation by calling 913-374-6351 or filling out our online form.

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