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5 Signs of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

A Pew Research Center survey found that almost 60% of American women and nearly one-third of American men report facing sexual harassment within the workplace. Sexual harassment comes in many forms, including everything from sexually suggestive remarks to outright requests for sexual favors. If you believe you’re being sexually harassed, don’t be afraid to report sexual harassment at work. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Kansas City’s experienced sexual harassment lawyer for help, either. Here are five signs of sexual harassment in the workplace you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Inappropriate Comments

Did a coworker or a boss make a degrading comment about something you wore to the workplace? Or did they say something about your body or even your sexual orientation that you didn’t appreciate? These are obvious signs of sexual harassment in the workplace that you should report immediately before they begin to worsen.

2. Unwanted Touching

Is a coworker or boss constantly touching your arm, hugging you, or even kissing you? These are more common signs of sexual harassment at work. You aren’t obligated to deal with touching of any kind in the workplace. If you don’t feel comfortable with the way someone in your workplace touched you, talk to someone in your human resources department about it right away.

3. Uncomfortable Jokes or Stories

Does a coworker or boss always tell jokes or stories with sexual undertones that make you feel uncomfortable? Although this is a more subtle type of sexual harassment, it’s still classified as sexual harassment nonetheless. You can ask this person to stop and see if the problem goes away. However, it might also be a situation you need to speak to HR about. Sexual awareness is an important issue, but it isn’t something you should have to hear about at work.

4. Unwelcome Gifts

Are you inundated with unwelcome gifts from a coworker or boss? You might have a sexual harassment case on your hands if these gifts are ever explicit or sexual. Document the gifts so you have evidence to show to a sexual harassment lawyer if they continue to come your way.

5. Outrageous Requests

Has a coworker or boss told you the only way to take your career to the next level is by engaging in sexual acts? Any requests for sexual favors like this are a clear sign of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, some sexual harassment cases like this even escalate to the point of sexual assault. Take these cases seriously and report them to HR and possibly even the police if you feel a crime has taken place.

Call Us If You Spot Any of These Signs of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

After reading about the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace, do any sound familiar? If so, consider taking legal action against your harasser and even your employer if they’ve refused to do anything. Dugan Schlozman, LLC can handle your case and help you take it to court. Contact us online or call us at 913-374-6351 to arrange a free consultation for sexual harassment and gender discrimination cases.

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