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How Does Kansas Law Define Sexual Misconduct?

Sex crimes are sadly pervasive. They range from direct sexual assault to subtle forms of harassment. Some victims may even be uncertain whether what they experienced legally counts as misconduct. How does the law define sexual misconduct? Kansas City’s competent sexual harassment lawyer can give you a detailed answer to this question and help you understand what legal recourse you have in your situation.

What Is Sexual Misconduct?

You don’t need to be a legal professional to know that forced sexual intercourse and other forms of unwanted sexual contact count as misconduct. However, some types of sexual harassment are deliberately equivocal and may make you wonder, “Am I overreacting?” Besides forced sexual acts of a physical nature, sexual misconduct includes:
  • Sexual harassment, such as undesirable sexual advances, attempts of sexual coercion, verbal harassment, or unwanted texts of a sexual nature
  • Using gender-based harassment to create a hostile environment that interferes with the victim’s performance at work or school
  • Quid pro quo harassment, which involves promising the victim a promotion or other benefits in return for sexual favors
  • Stalking behavior, including cyber-stalking, that causes distress or makes the victim fear for their safety
  • Retaliation against the victim for complaining about the misconduct or otherwise taking action to protect themselves
As a rule, when certain behavior related to your gender makes you uncomfortable, there’s a high chance it could be actionable sexual misconduct. 

What Can You Do If You Experience Sexual Misconduct?

You should never tolerate sexual misconduct or violence. If you’re wondering, “How does the law define sexual misconduct, and am I a victim of misconduct?” consult a sexual harassment lawyer. For urgent help, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline or 911. If you suffered sexual misconduct in the workplace, you should do the following: 
  • Ask the perpetrator to stop if you feel safe doing so.
  • Contact your manager and keep notes of all communications and reports of harassment
  • Record all your communication (texts, emails, etc.) with the perpetrator.
  • Follow your company’s policies on reporting sexual harassment and misconduct.
  • If your employer has no set protocol for fighting sexual misconduct, raise the issue with HR.
Your employer must ensure a safe work environment for all employees. If your company doesn’t do enough to resolve your concerns, talk to a lawyer to learn your options. 

Have You Fallen Victim to Sexual Misconduct? Contact Dugan Schlozman

If you’re asking, “How does the law define sexual misconduct?” or “Does my experience meet the definition of sexual misconduct?” contact us at Dugan Schlozman. Our knowledgeable lawyers can help you recognize signs of sexual harassment and explain your options for seeking recourse under Kansas law. Contact us online or call us at 913-374-6351 to consult a sexual misconduct lawyer in Kansas City.

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